Bygga Umoja

Rollspelsövning från Jamboree17. Instruktionerna är på engelska.

Skapad av: Jamboree17
Ålder: 15-19 år Utmanarscout
Upplägg: Utomhus
Mål: Ledarskap, Problemlösning
Tidsåtgång: 2-3 timmar
Gruppstorlek: 8-15 pers


Bygga Umoja

Funktionärsinstruktion / staff instruction 

Instructions for the different countries are in the attachments.

Building Umoja is a role-playing session where the groups are assigned a country and an international conflict they will do try to find a peaceful resolution to. The situation is in short a conflict between Norway and Finland concerning a mountain on the border between the countries containing important minerals. The different countries have both primary and secondary goals, some of which they will try to keep secret and others they will try to impose on the others very clearly.


Before every session, you will get an envelope containing instructions for the groups (we have enough instructions for every session, if there's time and the papers are in a good condition you can collect the papers toward the end of the session, but it isn't necessary). Open the envelope and assign a country to every group (try to assign France to a somewhat organized group). Then give them an instruction per group and send them to one of the four (?) debate sessions in which they will participate. Tell them that they have 20 minutes to decide on a stance for their country and how they wish to present it to the gathered session.


When the activity starts, while the preparations are under way, talk shortly with the group representing France and tell them that they'll have the role as chair and arbiter of the meeting.


20 minutes in, France will gather the rest of the countries at the first debate session and will present themselves first, after which they decide on the order. France is responsible to cut of groups that exceed their one minute time limit. Intervene as little as possible and at most just enough to make sure that everyone is heard at least once.


40 minutes in, the groups will talk strategies and make or break alliances. If groups are talking with each other, they are probably fine. Try to talk with groups that are showing signs of low activity and see if you can get them to engage more. At the end of this part, make sure France understands their role for the next session.


60 minutes in, France once again gathers the other countries and will allow them talk possible solutions (they will base their solutions on primary and secondary goals, the stance they took in the first session, and whatever they have talked with other groups about in the previous part). If silly solutions are presented, let it happen and maybe use it to spin the game a bit. Ideally the groups argues, tries to cut each other short et cetera during this session.


80 minutes in, the groups will talk within themselves and with their allies so that they may put forward actual suggestions to solutions to the problem. Instruct France that their mission is to try to gather a majority and avoiding veto from the countries which are granted veto.


100 minutes in, France gathers all the countries and will now arrange a vote. Most groups should not reach a satisfactory solution to the problem (which is the expected scenario).


120 minutes in, the groups gathers within themselves again and reflect on the exercise for the remainder of the time. See separate paper for reflection questions




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